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Whip Up An Awesome Blogging Recipe with Mike Alton

The Social Media Hat is led by Mike Allton, a leading Blogging and Social Media Consultant. Mike has developed a reputation for being an excellent teacher and particularly enjoys showing businesses how Content Marketing, the combination of blog content, social media and SEO, can lead to increased website traffic, generation of more leads, and conversion of more sales. Allton is particularly active on Google+ where he's known for his mad blogging skills and impressive HootSuite expertise.

As a St. Louis Internet Marketing Company, The Social Media Hat is pleased to work with business owners in St. Louis, MO as well as throughout the United States. Contact us and we'll sit down over coffee or schedule a conference call to discuss your needs. We typically provide social media and internet marketing consulting, and can also be counted on to provide blog coaching, seminars and training, search engine optimization and paid advertising assistance.

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Get Your Digital 'Kitchen'Organized with April Merritt

In this episode, April Mahrer Merritt of Ilios Digital Organizing partners with entrepreneurs who want to use technology to be more productive and increase revenue generation. April will help you tame your tech, find the best app or software for your business needs, organize your data so it's easier to navigate, and optimize your workflow through streamlining and automation. 

We will touch a little on each of the topics in my January Theme, "Business Tools To Kickstart Your 2018", and: 
- Create your organizing 'rules' before you start
- Don't get lost in the details too early
- Before you save a document, think about where it will 'live'

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A 3-Layer Cake of SEO, PPC & Digital Ads with Liz Cortes

In this episode, we will hear from Liz Cortes of RebelFish Local Marketing Agency. RebelFish Local is an online marketing agency that focuses on your digital presence and developing your reputation by getting more reviews and getting you found online which leads to more qualified leads. We are committed to educating business owners on the power and importance of reviews. If you don’t have a digital presence today, you don’t exist. The online world is no longer separated from the offline world when it comes to your business’s reputation. The new digital asset is positive reviews, not just how many, but when, where and what people say about you online is critical to your growth.
1. Why is traffic so critical to your business and how do you decide between SEO, PPC, Digital Ads?
2. Learn about the two types of display ads marketing & which is best for small business owners to start with when you have less than a $500/mo ad spend budget.
3. Learn the 3 main reasons someone comes to your website & how to make sure you have what they are looking for.

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Rebelfish Local Marketing

A Sprinkle of Legal Advice to Help Your Biz

In this episode, we will hear from Sharyna Scott of the Law Office of Sharyna Scott. Sharyna will be sharing tips on how you, the business owner, can protect the intellectual property of your business. For those who are thinking, "Intellectual Property?? What is that??" I'll tell you! As businesses are growing both online and offline, it is important to take steps to protect your brand and the content you are creating and distributing. Business owners need to know what type of content that is protected by copyright and trademark law, the importance of actively protecting your brand through trademark registration, and how to guard what you already have. 

1. What type of content is protected by copyright and trademark law
2. The importance of actively protecting your brand through trademark registration
3. How to guard what you already have

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Let's Spice Up Your Instagram Recipe with Jenn Herman

Since starting Jenn’s Trends in 2013, Jenn has become a globally recognized expert in Instagram marketing and the forefront blogger on Instagram marketing. Her blog has won the prestigious award of being a Top 10 Social Media Blog three years in a row: 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Jenn has had the honor of speaking at multiple social media conferences, teaching business owners like you the value of Instagram and social media to grow your business. She has been featured in a variety of media and publications including major media articles, radio interviews, podcasts, magazines, and guest blogs. She has taught countless webinars and training events designed to help businesses of all sizes succeed online.

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Livin the Sweet Life With Facebook Live Videos with Stephanie Liu

In this episode, we will hear from Stephanie Liu of Stephanie Liu "Lights, Camera, Live". Stephanie Liu is an energetic online marketing strategist, live video trainer and self-proclaimed 90s beat scholar. She has been implementing the psychology of human behavior in the advertising industry for more than a decade.
She led paid search advertising for one of the largest search agencies in the United States, served as the Director of Social Strategy for San Diego’s leading ad agency and has created powerful campaigns for small businesses to giant, multi-million dollar corporations. Her work has been recognized and awarded by Online Marketing Media And Advertising (OMMA) and PR Daily.
Stephanie will talk about....

1. How to build your brand with FB Live
2. Choosing Your Platform
3. The Power of Promotion

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