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Build Your Brand Credibility & Visibility on LinkedIn

Learn how to attract your ideal customers on LinkedIn.

Increase your visibility & credibility and be seen as an expert.

Build a strategic network that will continuously bring you qualified leads.

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Grab the Ingredients for a LinkedIn Profile that POPS!

Listen up, Connector!  Have you been paying attention to what has been going

on over on LinkedIn?

Does your profile need some love?  LinkedIn has over 500 million users and is the premium social media account where professionals are hanging out. 

Connect and Attract, The LinkedIn Connection Cookbook, is the only course focused solely on helping you strategically boost your visibility on LinkedIn so you attract the perfect clients and strategic alliances for your business. 

If you loved this beta course, just imagine all of the resources you will get as a lifelong LinkedIn Connector!

Get access while the doors are still open...

Here's what other CONNECTORS had to say...

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When I started the course, my profile was hungry!! But with your recipe for success I was able to feed it, module-by-module until it was baked to perfection!  Using the templates you provided for inspiration, I was able to bake up a beautiful headline and summary and I finally had the confidence to initiate invitations to new connections. In fact, I went from 100 connections to over 500 STRATEGIC connections in less than 30 days. 

LISA Hill, Social Media/Website  Mgr. for REALtors


"Happy News! I reached out to a former colleague on LinkedIn who is a manager for a local Hampton Inn. Long story short, by simply doing a homework assignment I was connected to his sales manager and now have a location to hold quarterly workshops. And the price is MORE than reasonable! Thank you Mary Fain Brandt Coaching and Consulting!"

Chandra gary, Career coach

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Thanks to this course, and really only having module 1 done at the time, I made a connection with one of the founders of Wellness Universe. Now, this might not seem like a big thing but since they are selective with the wellness professionals that they let into WU as world changers, getting a personal invite from her was a huge thing. Now I am a proud world changer with wellness universe, which puts me in front of a pool of potential clients looking for what I offer exactly!!!! 

Nathalie Hotte, Health & Wellness Coach


"My mind is a little blown over by the ability to ask people for recommendations. I had no idea that was even an option besides just sending a message."

Dominique lynn Burleson, Digital marketing consultant