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I’m Mary, a San Diego-based LinkedIn strategist and career consultant. I work with business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to stand out as experts in their industry and get more clients using LinkedIn. 

Most days, you’ll find me surrounded by colorful organizing supplies working hard on my business, with a seriously massive cup of coffee or getting ready to GO LIVE on Facebook. 

In addition to my LinkedIn training, I am on a mission to help women entrepreneurs find work that lights them up and is aligned with their unique skills and talent. You can spend your time browsing job boards and attending networking meetings and wondering, “How am I going to ever find work that is meaningful?"


You can get clear on what unique skills you have to offer, and learn strategies on how to attract work that is meaningful and drastically cut down the time you spend simply applying for jobs and will get you on your way to success in less time. 

If you’re ready to to be happier, more successful and doing work that is inspirational and aligned with who you are at your core, I’ve got your back.

Let’s do this!  


The story behind it all

My mother was diagnosed with dementia back in 2011, but in hindsight the disease lived in her for at least 2 years prior, we were just unaware or made excuses for the strange or forgetful behavior that we saw.  In January of 2012 she went missing. It was a rainy Friday night and she was missing for over 8 hours.     At first, I didn’t want to bother the police and so I spent an hour searching her condo complex with a neighbor and called everyone...

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About the training...