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If you're looking for creative and strategic ways to make the most out of your LinkedIn presence, Mary is your go-to girl. She helped me re-design my profile top to bottom with a specific audience in mind during the most stressful time of my life — when I was graduating from college and looking for my first "real" job.

Taking Mary's course and attending just one LinkedIn Lab helped me grow my profile searches by triple digits (and over 50% of those searches were from recruiters). Even the smallest details set you apart from other candidates, so you never know what impact a well-designed LinkedIn profile can do — for me that impact was signing my dream job offer! Will definitely be coming back for another LinkedIn Lab, thank you Mary.


I found my dream job BECAUSE of the tools Mary gave me. She showed me that it was possible and not to give up and I found it after only three months of working with her. She helped me build an effective LinkedIn profile that represented my skills but also my personality. Mary guided me through the resume process and was with me through the entire interview process and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue and find a job that I truly love. I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you, Mary! 

tara clemen - facilities COORDINATOR

After I took the LInkedIn Workshop with Mary, I received a phone call the next day from a friend and colleague who I hadn't spoke with since our Toastmaster days - over 15 years. My updated information on my profile came up in his email feed. My colleague is a financial planner. We talked, caught up with each other and two months later he refers a client and I am now actively working with him and his family. LinkedIn works. 

Karen van dyke - founder of senior care by design


I was so fortunate to attend one of Mary's LinkedIn Labs and have a private session with Mary about how to maximize my profile. After making just a few of the changes she suggested I have already had higher level connections reach out to me and better engagement on my posts and profile. Mary is definitely your go-to girl to uplevel your profile and strategy to use LinkedIn to its fullest capacity.

Melody Stevens - Christian Life Coach & Speaker


I had the honor of working with Mary as she developed a new course and curriculum. I signed up to simply be a helper, not realizing the depth of what Mary was going to pour into my life and business. Completing one beta homework assignment from Mary resulted in me developing a relationship with a local vendor. I now have a location to hold quarterly workshops, allowing me to financially support the local community and touch more lives.

The moral of my story? When Mary speaks, listen! She's a great coach - invest in yourself. Thanks Mary!



After learning "how" to use LinkedIn, I needed someone to hold my hand to make sure I now USE LinkedIn. Well, with the LinkedIn Labs, I am using LinkedIn much more than I was before. Just when I start to slip off and not use it, it's time for another LinkedIn Lab and there I am put right back on track. Thank you, Mary, for offering the follow-up LinkedIn Labs to clients who have attended your workshop. You R-O-C-K!     

Lynda West - 
Connector, Mastermind Facilitator.

I took a LinkedIn workshop with Mary and came away knowing the actions to take to have a more successful page and profile. She provided valuable information without overwhelming me too much, which allowed me to take small steps to improve. She did a great job facilitating connections between the workshop participants, paired us up to interact and create together, and provided a true workshop environment where work was done. Check out what she offers!


communications expert for content creators

LizCortez - Headshot.jpeg

I loved your LinkedIn Bakery class today you were totally in your element teaching and getting everyone working on their LinkedIn profile or company page. You are full of energy and so encouraging. I'm so happy I got my first article up over there and I'll follow your tip of doing 1 article a week at the time you suggested. If you want to learn that time tip plus more then you've got to be at her next workshop.

Liz Cortes - Online & Video Review Marketer

Mary has been a priceless asset & resource for me! In an effort to go beyond the normal rhetoric I've received when attending other social media workshops & seminars, I couldn't wait to book my sessions with Mary! And what a wealth of knowledge and information she is! She has been instrumental in tailoring my LinkedIn profile to meet my goals, increase visibility, and drive referral leads. 

With the insight and tools I've already gleaned from Mary, coupled with future coaching sessions, I know that the dividends on this investment will continue! I highly recommend attending one of Mary's various seminars or workshops, or even better schedule some one-on-one sessions so she tailor to your specific goals! 

Mary is a true gem: down-to-earth, approachable, genuine, encouraging & inspiring! Contact her today!

Stacy spivey -mortgage & relocation specialist

Without question, Mary Brandt's training on LinkedIn has personally helped my job search abilities when I went through the tough situation of being laid off. After setting up my LinkedIn profile using Mary's instructions, I was recruited by an employer on my first day out of work. Within five days of being unemployed, I received a job offer for the position and pay I had been looking for. Thank you so much for you help. You have made losing my job nothing more than a transition to a new one. 

Rocky Ramirez - Career Development Specialist


I was part of Mary´s LinkedIn beta tester group. Great job, Mary! Amazing content! I learned a lot! I improved my LinkedIn profile and created a new company page.

Before I started with you, I had no background cover and not a compelling summary. That all changed! Thank you so much!

MARIUS BILL - Business & Leadership coach


Mary is awesome. She is 1st class human being. Has huge heart and servant leadership mindset. She is very knowledgeable in using LinkedIn to get more clients and is a master net-worker and relationship builder. You deserve to work with her.

Pete Sanchez III - Real Estate Investment Educator