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I came across your profile and was impressed with what I read, and thought you might be a perfect match for (fill in the blank with any of the following)a client of mine, a speaking event showcasing female entrepreneurs, my brother-in-law, a past co-worker looking for work.

Does your LinkedIn profile prompt these types of messages? Mine does and yours can too. Here are 3 quick fixes to make your LinkedIn profile  “pop”.

1.  Have a professional photo

Clients, friends and family are always asking me, “Mary, do I really need a professional photo?” My answer is always YES!  You know that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well, don’t you want to stand out against your competition? Hey if you're not willing to invest in yourself, why should anyone else?

2.  Change your Headline a.k.a. your title or position

First off, you shouldn’t use your title such as “Owner”, “CEO” or “Accountant”.

There I said it! Don’t use that generic headline that LinkedIn generates. You have 120 characters for this field, use them all and stand out!

Here are some great examples from past clients of mine:

Facilities and Operations Coordinator★Project Management★Construction Assistant★I Don't Start the Fires, I Put Them Out!

I FIND your missing money, to help balance out your organization's bottom line, by researching accounting errors.

Inventory Specialist, saving Fortune 500 companies 25% in lost profits and expenses; Actively seeking opportunities

Academic advisor | Athletic mentor | Coaching students through their secondary/post-secondary school experience

 Be Genuine, Be Authentic, Be Younique. Uplifting, Empowering, and Validating  Women with naturally based cosmetics.

I bring insights into organizations to retain existing customers as well as to acquire new customers .

3.  Summary- this is not just a list of skills It’s not just your job duties or your resume.

It should be written in the first person. Why? Did you know that the average reading level of those on LinkedIn is between 9th and 10th grade? Plus people do business with people they know like and trust. And well, you need to sound real and authentic. Someone who they can relate to.

I think it’s fun coming up with unique headlines for my clients. It’s like a game for me, “How can I make my client stand out and show their unique skill set or service?”

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