The First 3 Steps to Making A Change Really Stick


Change isn’t easy- it never is. Did you know it’s against human nature to like change? It’s in our DNA to resist change – both good and bad. We fear it. It is the unknown – how will things pan out? Will I be successful? Will I fail? Will people laugh at me? No wonder we have such a hard time committing and succeeding in making change stick.

Here are 3 simple steps to get you on your way to making a good change in your life.

1)  DECIDE. It’s that simple. The first step is to simply decide that you want or need to make a change. If your reading this post then I think it’s safe to say that your already thinking about making a change, so really step one shouldn’t take you to long.

2)  Visualize what the change will look like. Create a detailed picture of it.

a.   For example, if you wanted to change your hairstyle, you wouldn’t just go to your hairstylist and say change it. You probably would imagine what you would look like with shorter hair or different colored hair. You might also think about how you would be perceived by others.  You might look through magazines to get an idea of what type of new haircut you want

3)  Type it up, write it out, video tape it- I don’t care how you do it, but you need to document what the change is, when it will start, how it make a difference to you and then you need your CHANGE TEAM on board.

What do I mean by that? Simply put, you need friends, co-workers, family members who will support you and encourage you throughout the process of achieving this change.

a.   For example, when I wanted to go back to school I knew it would be challenging since I was working full-time. I had a support team to help me through it. It consisted of a couple of co-workers, my dad and a friend or two. This team, encouraged me, supported me and helped keep me on point.

I made it through school and graduated not once but twice, achieving my goal of completing my Master's degree, while maintaining a life!

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