Get Your Project List of Post-Its

Think of Trello as being the Pinterest of productivity. It's a virtual board for your projects. So if you’re a visual learner (like me) this is the app for you! Users create boards (Main topic like LinkedIn Labs) and add to-do tasks (cards – like location, costs, and marketing). Drag and drop the cards between lists to show progress and add as many people, as you need to each card. You'll see everything about your project just by glancing at your board, and it all updates in real-time! I started using it for my business to organize my thoughts on all the crazy good ideas I have, and all notes and pieces of paper that seem to multiple in my home, my car, and purse!

I have created “boards” for each section of my business, such as LinkedIn workshop, LinkedIn Labs, New Website, Teaching opportunities and of course…Business Plan and Goals

The cool thing about this is I am going to use it with my web designer to share color schemes, fonts, content and so much more! Instead of trading emails back and forth, we can collaborate on Trello!

If you could only use 3 apps or programs which ones would you keep?

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