5 Easy Ways to Keep from Slipping off the Corporate Ladder

1.    Keep up-to-date with your Industry trends

Are things changing? Be in the know. Why? Because you will be able to share insights and tips with your Boss. It also shows that you are invested and care about the company’s success.

2.    Squeal on yourself

Yep, I said to tell on yourself. If you make a mistake, don’t sit quietly hoping your Boss will never find out- 99% of the time they do and then it looks like your hiding something.

Be a professional and own up to it. Yes, it might sting a bit, but in the long-haul your Boss will trust you.

Use my AAF steps:

a.     Admit the mistake

b.     Apologize for making the mistake

c.      Fix the mistake

3.    Sell yourself.

Okay not literally, but your Boss is on the balcony looking over the dance floor watching for “falling dancers” (employees) and bad music (products or services).

They don’t see your greatness unless you show them! You have to be your biggest Cheerleader- now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to point out every little thing that you did right to get that project done on time. What I do want you to do, is let your Boss know when you come up with the WINNING IDEA that saves a project from failing or when you discover an accounting error and develop a policy that guarantees it won’t happen again.

Time and time again, I see people passed over for promotions, simply because their Boss didn’t realize they were THE ONE doing all the work, they were THE ONE that launched the successfully marketing campaign or redesigned a production flow which decreased the cost and increased the revenue.

4.    Problems = Solutions

 So there’s a major problem in accounting or with the latest Marketing campaign. Don’t just present the problem to your Boss, present the problem, how it happened and a solution. Even if it’s not the right solution (which 50% of the time it won’t be) it does show your Boss that you’re not just trying to “hand it off” – it shows that you have actually thought the situation through. Boss’s like people who think- right?

5.    Negative Nelly- don’t be one!

Don’t complain with your lunch buddies or co-workers. I know this one is hard.  We all need to vent, right? But don’t VENT all the time to EVERYONE. Vent to a friend outside of the office or better yet, to your spouse.

A coworker of mine, was great at their job, but things had shifted in their department and they started complaining all the time, and I mean like everyday. When you become negative and start complaining it affects your work and everyone around you. Eventually, this person was let go. So don’t get LET GO, by LETTING GO all the time.


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