"How to answer the dreaded question, "What is your Current Salary?"

Looking for a job? Read this article, Salary Negotiations first. It will help prepare you to answer a crucial question, “What is your current salary?” Your current salary is not important to the job you are applying for. If they wish to pursue you as a viable candidate, why does it matter to them how much you WERE making? 

I recently read an article (USA Today) where several states and cities are banning this question. I can’t wait to see this question land on the list of, “not allowed to ask candidates.”

So how do job seekers avoid this question? You really can’t –but you can prepare to answer this question in a more favorable way.

Step #1: What is current worth? Just because you are currently making $45,000 a year, doesn’t necessarily mean that this is your current worth. 

What am I saying? Let’s say that you are currently employed in the state of Kansas, but are relocating to California, do you think your salary should be the same? Absolutely not! You must take into consideration location, just as you would your title, industry, and experience.

You want to be interviewed based on your experience and skill set, not your salary, right? Do you want to be seen as a “Bargain” I think not, and that is why we need to move away from answering the question, “What is your current salary?”

The suggested answer in this article is ““I’m not really comfortable sharing that information. I would prefer to focus on the value I can add to this company and not what I’m paid at my current job.” BAM! You just avoided the dreaded question and in my opinion set yourself apart from others interviewing for the position.

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