What is your action plan for LinkedIn this week?

Goals are just words unless you list them out and put them into action.

Here are 5 simple actions you could take this week:

1. Adding 20 new connections.

2. Engaging by posting 1-2 articles or commenting on posts by others.

3. Writing an article to publish on LinkedIn to increase your credibility and visibility.

4. Inmailing 5 people this week and scheduling appointments to meet or chat with to get to know better (remember people do business with those they know, like and trust).

5. Updating your profile (summary, headline) or adding to it. Did you speak or present somewhere recently? Were you featured in a magazine or a guest on a Podcast? These are all relevant items to add to your profile.

Not sure where to focus? Join me at one of monthly LinkedIn Labs for 2 hours of Laser focused LinkedIn work.  This isn't me talking on a stage - it's YOU getting work done on your LinkedIn Profile, with me your personal LinkedIn Strategist in the room to guide you. Prices will be going up later this year, so why not save money and level up your profile? 

Goals produce results, what results do you want this week?

Mary Fain Brandt, Career Consultant and LinkedIn Strategist

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