Coffee and emails?

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Many of us start our day with a cup of coffee and checking our emails. I know that I did, until recently. I’ve been reading up on how to be more productive because I like many of you wear so many hats (Business owner, Entrepreneur, wife, daughter -to aging parents and party planner.)

Checking emails and responding uses our reactive side of our brain, which is just that reactive…. what we should be doing is starting our day using our proactive side of our brain (by the way I love the term proactive- I have been using this term for over 20 years- way before it was popular!)

Psychologist, Ron Freedman, says that it is easier to go from a reactive mindset to a proactive mindset.

Once you’re at work, save the mundane tasks!

  1. Organize your day

    Urgent vs. important

  2. Create your list for the day, “To Do”- Action verbs

  3. Don't just write "make calls", event prep.

    Write down who to call and their number

    Prep for meetings by listing it out; research, read, review and type up any questions you might want to ask.

  4. Prioritize your list

    Harder to do tasks should be done first

    As the day goes on we loose the ability to execute more difficult tasks (boy do I know how true this is! 2pm is the no energy zone!)

  5. Save the grunt work for the end of the day

    At the end of your day, review your list and move things over that you still need to work on.

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