Finally, LinkedIn Pages that work!

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Wow! Have you taken the time to check out the makeover on the LinkedIn pages? If you haven’t - it’s time to revamp your Page!

LinkedIn heard us and did a great job of adding some awesome features to Pages!

You can fully see the Background Banner now...this is going to make it much easier to design and more real estate for you! So you can see that LinkedIn states that the size of the Company Cover Image (also referred to as the background banner) is 1536 x 768 pixels, but crops differently per device.  I found a cool cheat sheet and it says it's more like 1200 x 200 pixels. I'm still not sure that though. It seems no one is 100% sure of the pixel size!

Take advantage of all that space and share an offer you have or your opt-in to drive people to your website.

Here is one my favorite new features available
on the redesigned LinkedIn pages.
It’s the “Call to Action” button.

Not only can you choose to have it say LEARN MORE, but you actually have a few options. Let’s say you have a webinar, online course or event that requires registration, you can have attendees sign up via this cool new button!

Not only is this button fabulous the placement is as well…. It’s above the fold.

The next feature that I want to point out might
the best thing since sliced bread. It’s the Admin controls.
You now have the option of different types of Admins. YAY!

  • Content Posters

  • Recruiter Poster

  • Lead Generation Poster

  • Pipeline Builder Poster

No more worrying if that employee who left the company is going to shut down your LinkedIn page! Note in order to make someone a first level administrator you have to be a 1st level connection.

Another great new feature is CONTENT Suggestion! This one is a game changer. You can find content that your audience is interested in. You can really get specific with location, job function, seniority

Learn which employees are sharing content.

PRO TIP- go back and comment on what they shared.
This positively impacts the algorithm and
gives your post a BOOST!

Get to 300 people in audience size. - whatever it takes-- get there. This is the magic number you need to get analytics on LinkedIn Pages. The analytics are improved and you can now view all your pages.

PRO TIP- go to activity and see who has liked
or commented on your posts.
This gives you an opportunity to thank them.

PRO TIP You can now respond individually
or as your Company!

Replying to the comments again, positively impacts the algorithm. All of this helps build brand awareness and keeps you "Top of Mind".

Here is a quick video I whipped up showing you how awesome the new LinkedIn Pages ar

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