Have you found your ZEST? (no, not the soap)

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I belong to several groups, such as Marketing groups, Mastermind groups, and other various networking groups where they often post “challenges”. What is a challenge? You know, a post or video, share with the group type of thing. Well a month or so ago, the challenge in the in one of those groups was,

“to post something on social media that's giving a
recommendation or testimonial to a service,
product, event or business you love”.

Where should I start? With a person? No, I think I will save that for a full fledge public recommendation. With a place? No, not this time. With one my favorite apps of course!!!

Drumroll please… this month I would like to introduce you to ZEST. A chrome extension – yes it’s that easy!

What is ZEST? CONTENT! lot’s of FREE content!!!

Simply type in what you’re searching for (ie. Marketing, training, social media, employment engagement)


Content at your fingertips! So hop on over and find some awesome content that you can share or be inspired from, to write your own blog!

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