How to Network on LinkedIn?


I just attended a 3-day conference and of course I was networking my way through the room. Not in a "Hey take my card" way, but more like, "Hey do you live here or did you travel to the conference?" and to the person that was walking to lunch by themselves "Hi, would you like to grab a table together for lunch?" Of course as we were in line for a table, I struck up a conversation with two more women and invited them to join us for lunch. We had 4 savvy women from all different businesses sharing WHERE they were at in their business (from mid point, to 10 years+) WHY they came to the conference, and WHAT they wanted to get out of today. It all started with me saying,"Hi".

Networking, isn't as hard as you think. It starts with ONE WORD; HELLO and ends with,
"I'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn to strengthen our networks
and help support you anyway I can."

network linkedin.jpg

LinkedIn has made it EASIER to connect with their QR Code.

I asked one of the ladies to scan her code as was surprised she didn't' know about it. It got me thinking that maybe it's not that well-known and I should share how to connect with ease at a conference or really anywhere when you are in person.

Step one: Make sure you have downloaded the LinkedIn App on your mobile phone. I've provided links for both Apple and Android phone users.

Now that you have the fabulous app let's put it to work!

It's basically just 3 steps and I've included
images to help you follow along.

  1. Open up the app and find your QR Reader (hit the 4 mini icons - I have no idea what they are called!)

  2. You can "SCAN"someones code or you can have them scan YOUR code.

  3. Hold your phone up to the QR Code and LinkedIn will connect you!

scan qr.png
scan from phone.png
qr code mary.png

She recognized me from Facebook.
We were in the Ladies room. She said let's take a photo.
So we did. Moral of the story. You can Network anywhere!

mary and lisa.jpg

Lisa Perlmutter and me in the Ladies Room at the Conference.

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