Letting go to grow

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Who is going out of town for Thanksgiving and putting their business on autopilot?  

What are your top apps/programs that help your business run while you're out of town?

☞ Do you really unplug? (I know I will actually be taking advantage of some quiet time and finish up some Blogs, update my laptop and do some planning)

☞ Will you answer emails? 

In this journey of being an entrepreneur, I don't want to be a slave to my laptop, emails, etc. But at the same time, I'm ready to grow my business in 2019. 

So for me, that means:

1. Looking at my revenue streams and creating new packages (which we tested out in 2018, but still have some minor adjustments to do)

2. Partnering up with awesome Profile
writers, content creators, and other creatives.

3. Hiring a VA (testing this out, think I have one to handle my email marketing which is minimal at this time)

4. Hire an Accountant and Tax Professional ✔ and done  

5. Master the programs I have purchased (yes, I have 4 video editing apps, guess what I don't like editing! It's something I should outsource)

6. Creating a Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan for 2019

7. Getting on Bigger Stages in 2019 and creating a Speaker Reel. Now booking for 2019 folks!

8. Letting go of my FEARS- I'm not smart enough,
I don't have time., no will buy from me, blah, blah, blah.
FEAR will only hold me back. Failure means I am one step closer to success.
Failure means I haven't given up.

9. Reaching back out to those who said, "Not right now" or "Maybe later".

10. Being proud of the work I have done, like launching my own Facebook Live show, Beta-testing my course, right after I had knee replacement surgery and creating a strategy for my Facebook Page, creating a private group, The LinkedIn Bakery and hitting my goal of speaking twice a month!


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