Repurposing content: VIDEO + Transcription = BLOG ….easy content creation!

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Do you have a Live show that you produce? Or a YouTube Channel with a ton of videos (or maybe only 30 like mine)?

Maybe you have been a guest on a Live show and you are wondering how you can repurpose that show? I know that I have so many Facebook live shows that I produce and am a guest on, that it makes sense to start repurposing these videos by turning them into Blogs.

I do about 7 videos (including my Facebook live shows) a month - that is additional pieces of content just wanting to be repurposed into a BLOG!

 But how do you go about it? 

What is the easiest way to turn those videos into Blogs?

The first step is transcribing those videos and let’s face it- doing it yourself would take forever!

I might be dating myself here, but back in the day to write out the lyrics to a song we would hit play, stop, and rewind on the old cassette recorder, as we wrote down the lyrics to

“The Sugarhill Gang’s, Rapper's Delight” (don’t judge me).


Thankfully, today there are easier ways to transcribe! 

I recently stumbled upon a FREE service called OTTER.

Otter is ranked #4 and gets 4.5 stars from PC Magazine. 

Here are their comments:

Here are their comments.png

Here’s a full list from PC Magazine:

Now you know these programs make transcribing easier but it still isn't perfect You’ll need to go back and do some light editing, especially if you are like me and say “hmm” and “umm” too many times.

Happy repurposing! 

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