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I’ve got a new ingredient for you to add to your secret sauce for success: Typeform! Typeform is an easy-to-use data collection tool that allows you to create beautiful interactive online forms. If you’ve never created a online form before, Typeform provides detailed step-by-step processes on how to create forms from start to finish!

Check out my first form (mind you I am just playing around)

There are templates for customer feedback forms, registration forms, job applications, suggestion boxes, and many others. Once you create the form, you can share it to anyone you want using a link. Send the link out in an email blast or post it on your Facebook page! It’s a great way to gather responses from tens, hundreds, even thousands of people!

Typeform has several amazing features that set their forms apart from others. The Piping feature can repeat any previous answers to previous questions in the form.

For example, if your first question asks the user for their name,
the form can address the user by name when asking other questions.
How cool is that? Another great feature is the Logic Jump feature.
Logic Jump allows you to individualize the direction the form
goes based off of the user’s answers, so you could build
several forms into one!

I highly recommend checking their website out here! Typeform is a great tool if you need a fun, interactive, engaging way to collect responses from clients!

Typeform highlights:

  • Fun and easy way to interact with online users

  • Create engaging forms that encourage more responses from users

  • Online forms are a way to get information from users, similar to surveys.

  • A way to “pass information from one person to another”

  • Can send them out to thousands of people

  • Doesn’t waste paper

  • Has templates for registration forms, job applications, suggestion boxes, customer feedback, and many others.

  • Gives detailed steps on the process of creating the perfect form

  • Creates forms that generate human-like responses, so it’s more like having a conversation with someone rather than robotically filling out a form, makes the whole experience more pleasant and interactive, which will encourage people to fill out the entire form.

  • Piping feature: Can repeat any previous answers to previous questions in the form. Allows you to address the user by their name when asking other questions

  • Logic Jump feature: Individualizes the direction the form goes base off of the users’ answers

  • Automatically follows up with people who filled out your form!

  • Can automatically send email once the form has been completed

What's your favorite app these days? Drop it in the comments below.

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