The Perfect Office Space, does it exist?

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With the New Year here, many of us start thinking about getting organized or decluttering our homes.

But what about our workday or work-space? Are you in need of decluttering that space or better organizing your tasks?

I'd like to have a whole week to just think about the space I work in and how to make it more efficient and implement processes to streamline my work tasks.

And maybe that's where I get stuck.

I visualize the end result of everything in its place,
a clean work-space, systems set up to automate everything... it's PERFECT!

This vision in my head is what I think my work-space and workday should look like, after all, that's what all the experts say and I see these beautiful office spaces and people talk about how everything is on autopilot and they only work 8 hours a week and have a 6 figure business. YEA, right!  

I get stuck because I can't implement everything right away,
and if I can't do the whole thing, and do it right ....
why do it at all----what's the point?

Today, I had a breakthrough. I accept that I can't have the perfect office space or have all the systems set up to automate everything TODAY. But I can set up one new system or learn about one each month. At the end of the year, I will have 12 new systems mastered and then I can decided which serve me best. I've already chosen two for this month. I'll share all 12 at the end of this year and let you know how this goes for me.

I am also learning to apply the Marie Kondo's system to my life. This will be challenging for me, because I "like" stuff.

I like my big blue flowers that you see in my videos.


I like my motivational signs, my colorful pen collection (5o+) my fun folders, notebooks (maybe 10), iPad, Laptop, Tripod, 3 lights, 2 mics, green-screen, props.... well you get the point- I have a lot of "stuff". So it's going to take me some time to decide what I need to keep and what I need to"gift" away and I'm okay with that.

I am giving myself this year to set up new systems,
go through my stuff and really think about what I need versus what I want.

For more information on the KonMari Method, check out this article.

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