Want to save some CASH on Advertising?

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Who doesn't want to save some cash? But at the same time reach a targeted audience?

And not just some two-bit audience - no this advertising platform has an audience of over 460 million people! That’s my kind of audience! Would you like to get your name and service in front of this audience?

Did I mention that these are professionals who can afford to hire you on this platform? The average annual salary of individuals on this platform is over $112,000.

Well, you can reach your target market here.

I have been using LinkedIn Profinder for several months now and I love it!

What is LinkedIn Profinder?

It’s a marketplace for freelance professionals such as; Coaches, Web Designers, Consultants, Photographers, Virtual Assistants, Accountants and let’s not forget, IT Specialists, to name a few.

Why do I love it? 

LinkedIn makes it easy to create a stunning profile that showcases your achievements and talents and allows you to include testimonials which help to establish your credibility.

Being on LinkedIn Profinder positions me as an expert in my field. I recently earned my “Best of Badge” which I am proudly adding to my website.

What I appreciate about using LinkedIn Profinder is that the caliber of people that cross my path from LinkedIn Profinder are higher or more established, than what I find on some “other” platforms.

How does it work?

Person needing - career coaching, web design, training, or maybe a speech coach makes a request, ProFinder then finds up to five responses from local freelance professionals within 24 hours of the submission. Currently, LinkedIn members from any valid U.S. zip code can file a request for service.

With the market trends moving towards more consultant, contract and project work, LinkedIn Profinder is the perfect answer to bridge the gap and connect professionals with experts in their industries.

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