☕️Monday Motivation with Mary ☕️ After it's over

📆Block out time AFTER the conference to unwind and get back to your routine. Don't fill your calendar with appointments! I had an appointment with my chiropractor because all that walking and standing takes a toll on my back. Make sure you take care of yourself (pedicures, massages, chiros. and downtime)
➡️ Post about the event- your key takeaways and engage with those you met at the conference.
I'm not very active on Twitter, but some amazing people I met at the conference are, so I am posting and engaging with their tweets to continue nurturing these new relationships.
➡️ Start writing your BLOGS or at least create the outlines.
➡️ Follow up with all the fabulous people you met! And make sure you are connected with them on #socialmedia platforms (you really should do this at the conference, but I get it. I try to connect on at least one platform right when I meet someone)
➡️ Set up appts. to catch up, book new guests on your show or Podcast.
It can be overwhelming all the follow-up work! So I like to break it down into Bite-Sized tasks:1. Emails
2. Posts
3. Blogs
4. Photos
Then I tackle 3 of these a day for the next month and voila! You're all caught up!

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