Who ya gonna call?


Do you miss hearing someone’s voice?
Sometimes calling someone is easier than texting, emailing or messaging. Did you know that LinkedIn has an equivalent to voicemail? It’s a fact that you can send a voicemail message to your 1st degree connections.

You can use this feature to reach out to your 1st degree connections, pretty cool right?

The secret ingredient to your success on LinkedIn is your network, and the secret to your network is to nurture your relationships and stay connected. What better way than to send someone a voicemail!

It could be a simple hello, a thank you for commenting on a post or maybe a “hey I like the work you are doing in “x “space and I thought we should jump on a call.”

Did you know that LinkedIn Voicemails have a higher rate of engagement than an InMail message and that this feature is being under used? Hardly anyone I know uses this feature, so why not stand out and send a voicemail today?

Here are some more ideas to get you started:

1.   Invite them to an upcoming event that you are hosting. I utilized this feature when I hosted my first LinkedIn Local San Diego event. And got a great response rate from those I sent a voicemail to.

2.   Ask them a question about the industry they are in. People love to share knowledge and be seen as the expert.

3.   Looking for guests on your Podcast, Live show or other media opportunities.

Why should use these feature? Well, most messages don’t come with supporting documents. With LinkedIn’s voicemail system you can send a link to register for an event, an article, or a link to your website. But remember you shouldn’t be trying to SELL in your first voicemail. Use this feature as a way to enhance what you have to say or if they ASK for a link to book a call, then send them that link.


It’s super easy to use this feature. Here are the steps.

1.   Who do you want to connect with? Look through your 1st degree connections. It’s easier to do searches on your desktop than it is on your mobile as are most things J

2.   Search by titles, industry or location. I like to do Boolean or string searches to narrow it down.

3.   The best way to grab someone’s attention is when they are actually LinkedIn. Here’s how to tell if someone is online.

a.   GREEN Active status dot next to their profile photo.

b.   White circle within the dot indicates they are on mobile (will be notified of your message). Members can choose if their status is displayed


So who are you going to call on LinkedIn? Worried you might do it wrong? Test it out on me…. Go ahead give me a call on LinkedIn and introduce yourself.

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