LinkedIn Lab

LinkedIn Lab


The LinkedIn Lab is two hours of dedicated time to work on your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn posts or Company Page.
This is a live in-person class, in San Diego and limited to 10 participants. 
The benefit is:

You leave with a better profile, stronger connections and the latest features and updates on LinkedIn. Stay ahead of the game and be informed on how you can best whip up a winning recipe on LinkedIn.

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Okay, so you attended one of my LinkedIn workshops or Business Boosters and maybe even did some updates on your profile, but still have some questions.

Maybe you want to post or publish on LinkedIn and aren’t quite sure what to write about or when to post it.

I myself have attended many conferences, workshops and classes that were awesome, and maybe I implemented a couple of the techniques, but somehow after a month or two or three, I’d forget what the presenter said to do, or how to up my game with their tips.

I wondered how could I be different? How could I offer more VALUE after my workshops? 

And that is how LinkedIn Labs came to fruition!

•Dedicated time to work on your LinkedIn Profile, Posts, Publications, or Company Page.
•Limited to 10 participants
•2-hour sessions

Introductory price of only $49!

•Carved out time to get it done!
•LinkedIn Expert and Guru, Me! in the room to help guide you and answer any questions.

My goal is, and has been, to help you not only Create a Spotlight Profile on LinkedIn, but for you to understand the value LinkedIn has to offer you.
It is such a great platform to build your credibility, trust and reputation on.

*Plenty of parking, coffee and water provided
*You will have an opportunity to introduce yourself and give a 1 minute commercial about your business on Facebook Live!
*Can be a little chilly please bring a light jacket